Strangers in a new land

Strangers in a New Land Adventure Log!
The story thus far...

For now, just copy/pasted from my breakdowns on the forums. Someone is more than welcome to pretty it up. ;) -Jess

4/14/13: Invitation to Modeg

  • Each of us received a letter & gold inviting us to Modeg from a (hooded?) messenger. Sounds legit.
  • Each of us boards the ship, The Screaming Wench, to Modeg for our own reasons, b/c this invitation is totally not a scam/trap/bad idea.
  • Aside from the crew (who think we’re all SUPER smart for following a random letter to what they hint as an unpleasant destination), there is a group of (at least 6?) cloaked individuals, some of us noticed they have heavy armor & weapons. Aglio recalls stories of a group of powerful individuals who have mastered spells and swords that look suspiciously like these men.
  • Some of us notice the ship definitely isn’t normal (moves w/o wind, sigils on the sides, it cooks meals on its own, it’s bigger on the inside), the sea doesn’t seem like a normal sea at all, & even the stars at night seem off. The ‘cook’ tells Aglio we’ve crossed at least 6 planes during our trip. He shares all this information with Rakul after he enters the kitchen to eat too.
  • The last night aboard, some of us saw the cloaked men casting a spell (perform a ritual?) on deck before calling it a night.
  • In the morning, something emerged from the sea. The crew was attacked & slain by goblins (no sign of the cloaked men since the night before). Failing to regain control of the ship, it tips onto its side, throwing some of us overboard (with the rest of us to follow)…

5/26/13: On the Shores of Modeg

  • A celestial looking being named Gayle (sp?) appeared and told us to bring hope and magic back to the people of Modeg.
  • Said being exploded a la beam of doom from one of the cloaked armored fellows from the ship.

6/9/12: Onward and Into the Caves

  • After recovering necessary items from our companions corpses a hidden cave was revealed to Rakul, Badger, and Ambriel. (How did that happen again? -Will)
  • Upon the cave opening the group is greeted by the sight of and armored man chasing a child (i.e. Jang and the Gnome) and the Barbarian joins the group.
  • Everyone is leery of the lizards so they all head into the cave. The cave is mysteriously sealed and the boy is revealed to be the Gnome.
  • Jang soon proves himself to be a complete putz yet every time he should be seriously injured Ambriel takes the hit. Shenanigans. An odd quasi magical eye is recovered that helps lead the group along.
  • Along the way a golden skull is recovered and it is found out the eye fits into one of the eye sockets. The skull continues to direct the group on their way.
  • Our heroes then stumble into an arena. Thousands of kobolds(right?) watch as undead and a kobold champion press the group to return their holy relic (i.e. the skull) and demand the life of the defiler of said skull.
  • The Barbarian makes short work of the kobold champion while Rakul lays the skeletons to waste by calling upon his god. The champion had a necklace on that was made of an eye. Jang snatches this and places it in the skull.
  • The skull then becomes active floating in the air leading the group out. Unknown to the rest of the group the skull speaks to Jang who had assembled it and carried it through the dungeon. It speaks directly to his thoughts so when he speaks out loud in response he seems crazy.
  • The group is led up and out of the caves. At the exit the skull says it cannot leave and makes veiled threats about seeing Jang and the others again. Then it crumbles to dust.
  • The group exits the caves and a explosive light show starts that kills some orcs that suddenly appear and are pursuing the group.
  • Gayle appears and invites the group into a ramshackle hut.

7/21/12: On the Road Again

  • Gayle explains some of the finer details of the task at hand, which may or may not involve deities (hint: it does).
  • The group, rested and refreshed, head out to Castos, but not before Rakul Battleheart notices a tiny lizard (Pink? Purple? Both?) appears to be watching him.
  • After Karim thwarts an ambush by orcs, the group discover a recently ransacked caravan on the road. Upon further examination (aka Karim and Ambriel looting it), the owner reveals himself to be alive and well. And isn’t that lizard stalking Rakul Battleheart?
  • The group is introduced to Tyrus (the FABULOUS, right?), a traveling performer (Magician? Trickster?) also headed to Castos. As they are headed to the same place, they agree to make peace and share the road for the journey ahead.
  • Their safety in numbers theory doesn’t quite pan out, as they get captured by centaurs for trespassing into the forest. Due to Jang’s version of diplomacy, as well as the centaurs believing the humans are leading the non-humans to be purged, the group is taken to await their fate at the hidden centaur village.
  • Tyrus immediately laments his choice in traveling companions. Poor guy can’t get a break.
  • After convincing the centaurs that the group really is heading to Castos to assist Gayle (and no one is purging anyone else), the group is free to rest and gtfo of the forest.
  • They are given a horn to be used at the outskirts of the forest to call the centaurs when the time is right (although they were very specific on what would happen if Jang or Karim ever set foot in their forest again).
  • The group rests for the night…

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